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Indication.The treatment of fungal skin diseases caused by susceptible pathogens Bifonazol (dermatop..
Indication.Treatment of fungal infections of the nails of the fingers and toes of atraumatic nail re..
 Indications.Local treatment of acne ( acne vulgaris ).The composition of the product..
Indication.Local treatment of fungal infections caused by susceptible pathogens Naftifine:- fun..
active substances: heparin sodium, benzocaine, benzylnikotynat;1 g of ointment contains 100 IU of he..
Indication. Fungal infections of the skin caused by dermatophytes such as Trichophyton(eg&..
The composition of the product;Active substance: heparin sodium;1 g  product contains..
Storage:Active substance: myramistin ;1 gointments containing miramistin 5 mg ;E..
40g Vishnevsky  Ointment Balzamycheskyy liniment (in Vyshnevskomu)substance: 1 g drug Cont..
Indication.For topical application in the treatment of skin infections caused by dermatophytes: athl..
compositionActive ingredient: docosanol;1 g of cream contains docosanol 100 mgAuxiliary substances: ..
Structure and Composition:Gel in tubes of '40Active ingredient: 10 g of gel contains escin 0.1 g and..
Structure and CompositionRescue Balm - a balm for external use:1 package contains highly natural ess..
Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream For Napkin Rash Eczema and Bed Sore  60gApply a thin layer wi..
Indication.Treatment of keratitis caused by herpes simplex virus.Storage:Active substance: acyc..
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