Infection, thrush

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Indications .Infections in the genital area (vaginitis) caused by fungi (usually genus Can..
Indication.Adults.Treatment: cryptococcal meningitis; koktsydioyidoz; Invasive candid..
Indication.The treatment of such diseases in adults, such as:- cryptococcal meningitis;- coccidioido..
Indication.Treatment of adult diseases such as:- cryptococcal meningitis;- koktsydioyidoz;- invasive..
Indication.The treatment of such diseases in adults such as:- cryptococcal meningitis;- coccidi..
Storage:Active substance: metronidazolum ; 1 suppository contains metronidazole ..
Storage:Active substance: 1 ml contains 0.1 mg miramistin;Additional ingredients: purified..
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